Trade in your bike today and get up to $200 for your Trade-In!

Why Trade-in? 

Convenient - Trade-in your bicycle on your time, use your preferred local retailer, and avoid the hassle of selling it yourself. 
Fast - No negotiating required. Receive a trade­in value that can be used to immediately to purchase your new bicycle. 
Accurate - Our values are based on millions of transactions. 

The Process 

Step 1: Bring your clean bicycle to our store for an evaluation. 
Step 2: A valuation expert will look up your bicycle, assess the condition, and provide you with an immediate trade-in value. 
Step 3: Provide your state-issued ID to complete the trade-in-process and sign a declaration certifying that you are the legal owner of the bicycle. 
Step 4: Congratulations! You have now traded in your old bicycle and can use the store credit to purchase your new bicycle. 

Does My Bicycle Qualify? 

Trade-ins of all types are encouraged, but must meet the below criteria: 
- Model year 2000 or newer 
- Original manufacturer paint 
- Bicycle must be in a safe and working condition, free of any structural damage 


Q: What is the difference between private party value and trade-in value?
A: Private party value is the asking price between individuals and trade-in value is the amount received when trading in at a retailer. 

Q: Will I get more for my bicycle if I sell it on my own?

A: You might get more for your bicycle if you sell it yourself. However, when you factor in the listing fees, listing and relisting process, negotiations and low-ball offers with the potential buyer, paying to have it boxed and shipped, and your time, the difference is not as big as you think. 

Q: How long is the trade-in quote valid? 

A: They are good for seven (7) days from the date of the evaluation at the store. 

Q: What if I have more than one bicycle to trade in? 

A: We can only accept one Trade-In-Bicycle per purchase.